Custom Synthesis

High-End Products for Coating and Semiconductor Applications

We offer state of the art fluorinated compounds and etching gases in semiconductor quality. This includes doting gases or etching compounds for surface manipulation in a semiconductor environment. All product cylinders are cleaned and ready to use without any contamination hazard. Besides our stock products (e.g. FS-NCl) we have a short response time to produce any customer specific gases.

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High Purity Gases and Gas Mixtures

We have selected gases on stock and can deliver in individual gas cylinders or in DOT-conform stainless steel bottles. Custom products can be produced within a short response time. This includes high purity gas mixtures for quality control or analytical applications.

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Fluorinated Building Blocks

We offer selective fluorination and fluorinated building blocks from small to bulk quantity. All our pharmaceutical products are produced according to GMP standards. We offer worldwide delivery and express delivery in Europe with short response times.

Our stock includes building blocks for the addition of CH2F-, CHF2- and CF3- or SF5- groups.

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Downstream Chemistry and Custom Synthesis

Our expertise includes downstream chemistry of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) or API precursors. Besides our stock products (FSEL1-FSEL3), customer specific synthesis focused on fluorinated building blocks and gas chemistry is possible. We are happy to offer high quality contract production in compliance with GMP in gram as well as kilogram scale.

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